What leads me to request services for the collection of debts?

The GD Group specialized in collection of outstanding debts and late and retardation from debtors whom frequently excuses paying. And we provide a full range of services in accordance with needs of its customers.Hiring specialized debt collection company services as our company achieves a lot of unique benefits and perhaps the most notable:
✓ Assigning the concerns of doubtful and dead debt collection to a specialized body.
✓ Not to overload your budget by paying salaries of the staff to collect the debts reducing in direct costs.
✓ The mere contracting us allow you time to discharge others doings.
As you want to collect your debts with minimal costsand troubles and without affecting your reputation in the market. This is where the GD Group offersand carried out solutions for debt collection according to the highest standards, andthe way that guaranteed collected quickly and efficiently through the advanced art of negotiations which encourage the debtor to pay its obligations by delivering effective and practical solutions.

What is the nature of the collection procedures followed?

We are working to collect the money faster and significantly less cost than you would take it on your own or through a law office, so we follow many of the legal fields and the negotiations and executive actions via our specialized departments, using the latest techniques of direct contact and dispatch legal notices and field visits in behalf of ourcustomers, all the way to litigation through the courts and implement its resolutions, note that we are doing all the effort to collect the debt in a friendly way, Without having to initiate legal proceedings and if we did not get a result of these efforts we can do commence a legal procedures after client approval.

What is the debt that you collect?

We accept all debts files, whether the debt comes from companies or individuals collection, any size and nature, where the legal advisers to consider all the documents and the documents that prove the debt and the measures that taken by before assigning us.

Do you charge annual fees? What are the others fees for the collection?

The principle of GD Group in determining fees is “we do not charge unless we have collected your debt.”
This is to prevent our customers from no incurring in additional fees than those stipulated in our agreement. Our company is characterized by providing the best solutions at the lowest cost, since in benefit of our customers that their fees far less than the law firms and the results faster and more efficient. The fees vary depending on the types of services offered, which vary according to the destination payables, indebtedness and debt documents, type, age, size and payment mechanisms and the quality of follow-up within the UAE or abroad and the needs to using a legal procedures.

When should I pay you?

Upon receipt of the outcome of any amounts required to pay fees according to the terms of the agreement with the GD Group Company.

When indebtedness presents to the courts?

If all the measures taken for collection did not work, so it would be transferred the subject to the UAE courts after client approval.