Debt Collection

What is a professional debt collection agency?

A debt collection agency is defined as a business which collects debts on behalf of a creditor from its debtor. The collection agencies receive past due accounts from various creditors who can not collect themselves economically. Debt collection agencies are the most efficient and cost effective way of recovering bad debt.

Why should I use your services to collect my receivables?

tahseel specializes in recovering overdue payments from defaulted customers and offer a full range of services customized to its client’s special needs. Hiring the services of a dedicated debt collection agency like ours offers many advantages including less of accounts receivables and overheads and more of cash flow and increased production. By letting tahseel collect your debts you will have more time to focus on your business.
You would like your money to be recovered with minimum cost and hassle without jeopardising your reputation in the market. Here, tahseel provides debt collection solutions in the most professional manner, ensuring both timely and effective recovery.

Why will my debtors pay you, if they have not paid me?

Debtors often pay us even if they never have cooperated with you, mainly because collection agencies such as tahseel increases the psychological anxiety associated with a debt. Our professional collectors make your debtors realize that you are serious about collecting your money.

What is your collection procedure like?

We contact the debtor directly via telephone, collection letters or a field-visit; all these efforts are made to settle the debt amicably without having to instigate any legal action. In the event these efforts are not successful, we could go to legal proceeding with your approval. We will recover most of your money quickly and less expensively than yourself.

What kind of debts do you collect?

We collect all kinds of debts provided the following conditions are met: Proper documentation to support the claim, e.g. invoices, bills, purchase delivery orders, contracts, etc.

Collection Fees

Do you charge an annual collection fee? What are the other collection fees involved?

tahseel works on a contingency basis, so we do not receive our fee unless we have collected your money. There is no other charge unless you elect to proceed to legal action. In addition tahseel may charge additional fees in accordance to the nature of debt, its age, and its documentation.

Can I add the collection fees to the debt amount I am owed?

You can charge the collection fees to your debtor if you have a signed contract. If not, our collection fee is a pre-agreed percentage of the debt amount that we will recover on your behalf.

When do I have to pay you?

You will be invoiced after the debt has been resolved and you have received your outstanding money.

Debt Recovery

When do I get my money once it is collected?

All money collected on your behalf is remitted to you within 48 hours and within a week for Skip Tracing cases.

What is your success rate?

tahseel has managed to achieve an extremely high success rate including completion of assignments where others have failed.
tahseel’s success can be attributed to some of our inherent operations policies that rank among the best in the world. We understand the values of both time and money, and thus work smarter, not longer. All functions and procedures within our workflow are seamlessly integrated within each other, allowing us to achieve continuous improvement of the quality of collection services, to the highest standards.
Over the years, we have developed relationships that allow us to recover the debts ofour clients faster than anyone else. We constantly invite experts and consultants in the debt collection industry, seeking their feedback and recommendations. Members of our staff are provided in-house training on a regular basis, as well as focused training on specific case handling. We also form strategic alliances with external channel partners and lawyers for Skip cases.

Does the age of the debt make it more difficult to collect?

The age of the debt plays an important role in how long will it take to recover. Additional time and work is needed to update the debtor’s current information which could prolong the recovery. If the information provided to us is outdated and poorly organized then the job becomes more tedious.


Do you take cases to court?

Yes, but only with your authorisation. There are additional fees for pursuing a law suit that are usually provided in advance. These fees are collected 50% in advance and the balance after judgment is passed and the debt is collected.

Who decides if the debt is to proceed to litigation?

We do, with your full participation. If we fail to resolve the debt, we will normally proceed to litigation if we believe it is likely to produce positive results. However, we are not obliged to do so and may decline to take the matter further if we think we can no longer be of any further help. You may then decide to ‘write it off’, transfer the case to the courts, or use your own lawyers.
tahseel is supported by our sister company Omar Saif Ghobash Advocates and Legal Consultants. With its team of well qualified attorneys and legal experts, they study the feasibility of any legal action as a last resort, and provide effective legal support where necessary. Additional support is provided by our specialised Tracing Team who traces debtors whose whereabouts are unknown, whether they are in the country or abroad.

How can we have updated information about the status of our case?

We offer many different types of MIS reports, most of which are available online. We have a custom report module that can create customized reports based on your needs for example, Monthly Activity Report is very popular among our clients.

Can I check my account online?

tahseel provides an on-line service for those clients whose collection requires that they have immediate access to updated information and afterward they can provide us with their feedback. Once on-line, you can access your account at any time, anywhere in the world.

Can I be sure that your communication with my debtor will be polite and civil?

Certainly, as debt collectors we are always mindful of future customer relationships and are very professional in the way we approach your clients for payments. We guarantee an ethical and professional service, at all times.

When do I have to pay you?

You will be invoiced after the debt has been resolved and you have received your outstanding money.

Collection Process

How quickly can you collect my money?

Claims are entered within the first 24 hours and the first collection notice is mailed immediately thereafter. This notice is followed up with SMS, phone calls and additional letters. Some debts are collected in the first week, while others may longer. There are also skips: debtors who dispute the debt and debtors who are simply uncooperative, in which case it may take longer recovery time. The age of the debt, the amount, the location and jurisdiction of the debtor also has a lot of importance in the fast recovery of debt. On average, we collect most of the payments within the first 180 days

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is the process of locating contact information about your debtor, such as a current or alternate address and telephone number. It also includes obtaining information about the person’s place of employment, names and addresses of family members, relatives, friends, or ex-spouses, assets such as property, bank accounts, automobile and much more.